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You’re Invited!

This time of year is always exciting as we get ready for our bi-annual Ulu Pono kids Art Show!

This Saturday, from 6-10 pm, Surfing The Nations invites you to be a part of this amazing evening. There will be live music, pupus, and artwork from local renowned artists displayed alongside the art of the Ulu Pono kids.

This is a special night for the community as we acknowledge the accomplishments of each child involved in the Ulu Pono kids program and celebrate the creativity that thrives on our island.

To read more about this awesome program, check out our blog on the significance of art in the kid’s lives at http://www.thegrommom.com/the-hawaiian-renaissance-guest-post-from-surfing-the-nations/

Here’s the invitation made for you by the kids themselves! Hope to see you there!











Music For Your Monday: The Restoration

As I was reviewing music, I found myself getting a bit disheartened after hearing a lot of the same laid-back, ethereal sounds. I liked it, but there was a part of me that wasn’t satisfied; something about it that was making me bored (and this is coming from someone who can listen to Debussy all day long). I knew it wasn’t the slow pace of the music, it was that somehow the chill music that sounded so great, at some point started to sound apathetic.

No, I didn’t think everyone should be raging screamo or dubstep re-mixing everything, but I did search for songs with passion and feeling. I was looking for emotional momentum; a good sound paired with a real power.

Enter, The Restoration.

The Restoration is a concept band from Lexington, South Carolina, headed up by native southerner Daniel Machado. The band seems to be very well-named, as its vision goes beyond just making new music, to incorporating genres that have been under-appreciated in this generation and introducing them as prominent players in their sound.

Like musical antique dealers, they have the ability to see the value in different types of music and know exactly where it can fit into the present. The strong vocals and the use of a wide variety of instruments creates a sensational musical experience.

Yet, perhaps the most compelling thing about this band is the story that propels their songs.

The Restoration’s album, Constance, comes paired with a 47 page book, a historically based fiction that tells the story of a family in Lexington, South Carolina between the 1800s and 1930s. This band is not just about restoring overlooked music genres, but also about restoring an understanding of the history of the American South. A story is nothing without a conflict, and there are many to be found in the history of the South that The Restoration does not avoid or sugarcoat. In fact, their material has been deemed so historically relevant that it has been included in the curriculum of literature and history courses at a local South Carolina college.

The Restoration has musical variety,creative songwriting and powerful vocals. However, I am most excited about this band because of how their project is birthed out of a deep-rooted love for its subject, the American South. Through facing the facts of history, there is opportunity of a type of redemption and reclaiming of it. These are not musicians simply writing from the inspiration of an ever-changing mood. They are committed to start a new discussion on the land that they love, and I don’t think there’s danger of that ever sounding apathetic.

Add The Restoration to your music library here!
YouTube Preview Image
YouTube Preview Image
Photo credit: The Restoration

A Life Outside

In 50 years, do you think you’ll still be surfing?

When you paddle out, the only thing you’re thinking of is that present moment. It’s one of the beauties of surfing- your mind is completely pulled into the here-and-now, no matter how distracted you were before. Most surfers don’t take the time to imagine the future of their home break; the future of their surf community, or the others that will come after them.

Fifty years ago, six boys whose names would one day be well-known, started to surf. They are still surfing even to this day, and now it is their time to look back on a time when they never looked back, and tell their stories through the upcoming film A Life Outside.

A Life Outside is a feature length documentary by Catherine Brabec that tells the story of  Greg Mesanko, Chris Mesanko, Kevin Casey, Jim Purpuri, Richard Luthringer, and Bucky Walters. These six men followed a passion that brought them to pioneer the surf break at Casino Pier in Seaside Heights, New Jersey.

Their story is one of courage; of braving the crowd that spoke against their surfing, and of proving themselves in the highly competitive surf break. It’s about passion and the unreal commitment that has caused them to paddle out time and time again over these past fifty years. It’s about a time where surfing was looked down upon and unpopular, and the relationships that were bonded through that experience.

Being a surfer from the East Coast, I appreciate men like these who have established the surfing lifestyle in their area. They’ve done it by doing something as simple as loving surfing and pursuing it with passion, and as difficult as standing against the ridicule and disapproval of others. It is men like these that we have to thank for bringing the surfing lifestyle to life in places it never had been before. They are leaving a legacy for The Pier, for New Jersey, and the entire East Coast for generations.

This is a film that is still in the works and can only be brought to completion through your help. In this day and age, everyone is able to effortlessly document their lives: Instagram, youtube, etc. Immortalizing something takes literally a few minutes. What we can’t do though, is have easy access to the valuable memories and stories of the past. Here is a unique and worthwhile opportunity to invest in the production of this film, hear and see these stories and immortalize them for future generations. And maybe one day, fifty years from now, you’ll have your own story because of those people before you who at one point, never looked back.

If you want to see this film, make it happen: Donate through Kickstarter now! There’s only 15 days to go!



Photo courtesy of Catherine Brabec.