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Surfing The Nations (STN) was birthed when Tom and Cindy Bauer were asked to take over a three acre parcel of land and put it to good use. The land was in Kalihi Valley, just outside of Honolulu and they were told they could color outside of the box. This fit them perfectly as it had always been their style. From Tom’s earlier work in Mozambique, Africa until today, he has been known as a visionary who lives an adventure. He is always ready to do what others say is impossible. Sometime before moving to the Kalihi property in 1997 Tom became aware that he was to do more with the sport of surfing. The concept of integrating surfing and humanitarian work began with Tom‘s vision as he founded Surfing The Nations. As a young boy who loved surfing, he found himself caught in the characterization of the surf culture as one marked by drugs, partying and self-centeredness. After fully grasping the concept that surfing and giving back can actually go hand-in-hand, Tom committed his life to mobilizing surfers to serve and to be leaders of positive change in our community.