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Weekend Jam from The Cinematic Orchestra

It’s been raining a lot these past few days, so to match the mellow mood for this week’s Weekend Jam we bring you a beautiful song from The Cinematic Orchestra. This is an older one but so beautiful. The instruments give it a gorgeous and haunting sound to accompany amazing vocals. This song is called ‘To Build a Home”. Most STN staff and volunteers are pretty far from their childhood homes but have come to find an Ohana and home here in Hawaii. What corner of the world have you ended up finding a home in?

Josh Garrels, Year of Jubilee

Josh Garrels does it again. If you have not already checked it out, Love & War: B-Sides & Remixes is available for free download.

This second free download album was sparked as a celebration of what was deemed a Year of Jubilee.

In ancient times, the Year of Jubilee would fall at the end of seven cycles (the 49th year), and on this year debts were forgiven, slaves were set free, property was restored to its original owner, and the land was given rest as it was a year for the people to rest from their labors as well. And in 2011, Garrels did just that. His recently released album “Love & War & The Sea In Between” was made available as a free download and all proceeds from album sales were donated to non-profits, musicians, missions and ministries. Continue Reading

Hurricane Season/Hurricane Session

As early as pre-school, I remember bodysurfing in the Wilmington area of North Carolina. A few of my beach vacation memories are filled with warm sun, but more often than not, the clouds were ominous, the thunder ripped through the air and the waves were, what my sister and I called at that age,’angry’. This was because our family vacations always coincided with the East Coast’s hurricane season. My Dad is something of a nature lover, a man who meets it with awe and curiosity and taught us to do the same. Those two combined meant we were always set to ride out the storm when even the locals were boarding up and heading out. One day, while in Charleston, South Carolina during Hurricane Charlie, our Dad looked out the window and declared we were’ going for a walk to look at the waves’. We hoofed it through the wind and the trees whipping back and forth and joined the party of two that were already at the beach- the news anchor and her cameraman (Needless to say, ‘storm chaser’ was on my list of possible career choices, having gotten pretty comfortable with them.) Continue Reading

The XX and The Avett Brothers Full Albums!

What do the Avett Brothers and The xx have in common?  Well, you can listen to both of these new albums in their entirety courtesy of our friends at NPR! Head over to NPR Music First Listen. Continue Reading

Weekend Jam Punjabi Style

YouTube Preview Image


It’s Friday! Here at STN we have an diverse blend of people, which means we always have a good bit of international tunes going through the office. In a few days, two of our surfers from Bangladesh return home and take a team of our staff with them. In honor of them, we give you the relaxing (apart from the creepy stalker-ish video) tunes of Bollywood! Have a wonderful and relaxing Labor Day weekend!


Artist: Pritam
Song: Rabbah Mein Toh, from the movie ‘Mausam’

Surf and Serve.

Ask Julie Nelson if dreams come true and her response will be an adamant, “yes.” This past week I picked up a copy of Surfer Magazine and smack-dab in the middle was an article written by our very own surfer/journalist, Julie Nelson. Here’s the deets: Julie reigns from the beautiful west coastal town of Cannon Beach, Oregon. This girl grew up surfing the waves off the Oregon coast and has salt in her blood to prove it. With a passion for writing, Julie went to school for journalism. But since coming out to STN in September 2010, Julie has been dedicated to living out STN’s motto of ‘surfers giving back.’ So when given the opportunity from Bryan Jennings and John Cobian to write for Surfer Magazine, she was all about it.

Here’s a tad shmidge of what she had to say in the article about STN, surfing and giving back: ”Surfing is simply our language we choose to speak, but our message stays the same; meet needs, change lives and instill the principal of ‘surfers giving back.’ Continue Reading

Bed. Breakfast. Bike. Board.

It’s like a dream.

One of those dreams where you find out you’ve been a royal all your life and have a rich inheritance and a crown waiting for you. Or you’ve won the lottery and you’re driving your dream car down a road to your home with an oceanfront view. But then, it’s not a dream, it’s a reality that, perhaps unbeknownst to you, you have a home on the coast of France!

That home has a name and it is ‘Surf Hostel Biarritz.’ Most hostels I’ve been at through my travels in Europe that are within a certain student-esque budget will offer you the following: the comfort of a sturdy bunk bed, and a breakfast of toast and jam with some coffee or tea. Those accommodations live up to most travelers’ expectations of a value hostel. But Surf Hostel Biarritz, founded by Aussies, has chosen to go above and beyond. They are opening up the doors of their five-bedroom rustic converted basque farmhouse and handing you a board, wetsuits, and a bike, not to mention breakfast and a bed! (It seems like a bed would just be obligatory after they’ve given you everything you need to go spend your energy surfing and cruising the town). Surf Hostel Biarritz also offers two large lounge areas and a dining room where you can hang out and get to know other travelers, or simply chill out on the couches with a DVD or cruise the free internet. When hunger strikes, you can cook yourself up a meal in the fully equipped kitchen, which is open from 10 am to 10 pm. But don’t worry about breakfast- you can expect a cooked breakfast every morning of your stay (no need to sneak Mom in your carry on).   Continue Reading

We’re Back

Thanks for your patience while the blog has been under construction!

We’ve been up to a lot during this time, so be sure to catch up on all the things that have been happening here!

Go ahead and bookmark this page now to keep up with the contests, music, videos, stories, photos and more fun stuff that we’ll be filling this space with.

We are stoked to be back and here to stay!

Your STN Ohana

Jinja Safari. You’re welcome.

Merry Christmas, Happy Birthday, and everything in between, because we have found you a reason to throw a party: Jinja Safari.

The weather is getting a bit grey-er, the sun is going down faster, holiday stress is hovering and things need to get done, like, yesterday.

At STN most of us are looking for adventure in the every day. That’s actually one of the reasons most of us have found ourselves here. This band seems to embody all of that and then some.

The self-produced, Sydney based Jinja Safari incorporates fun, simplicity, adventure and culture into all their songs and videos. A caption like ”A song and an exceptional journey” or  ”A song and an adventure” can be found describing their videos. In fact, try to watch a video and not smile. The child-like wonder that emanates is contagious and heart-warming, and especially needed during a busy a time where a lot of us can forget to take a moment to breathe deep and have fun.

It’s not surprising that this band has a unique worldly sound as its lead singer, Marcus Azon has grown up around a variety of cultural influences:  “I grew up in Tasmania and my grandmother lives in Uganda, in the town of Jinja – so for some reason I always felt the connection to the music of Africa, and how, despite the oppressions of countless dictatorships, genocide and apartheid, the people of Africa always found a way to smash a drum, yelling with a giant smile, dancing barefoot in the dirt.” (Marcus Azon on Triple J Unearthed.)

Some of these songs will remind you of Africa with the beat of the drums, some will remind you of India with the use of the sitar, and hopefully all of them will inspire, uplift, and leave you with a little more happiness that you felt before.

Enjoy these happy, inspired beats, download them for FREE here and go out and have an adventure of your own!


YouTube Preview Image

Weekend Jam: Throwback with Rusted Root!






When people say ‘it’s that time of the year’, what do you automatically fill in for ‘that time’? Is it ‘that time’ to eat copious amounts of rich food? Is it ‘that time’ to have an excuse to be stressed all the time? Is it ‘that time’ to shop til you drop, (or maybe drop before you shop because of your current balance?) That phrase may well mean a lot of things for you, but for us one thing that it is time for is: going home! Here at STN, we have people from all over the world: Sweden, South Africa, Australia, Canada, France and all over the USA (also some Hawaiians…’grown here not flown here’).  Most of us are all trying to get our work done and scurry home in time to be with our families and friends where we came from. ‘That time’ of the year for STN is a time of airport runs and goodbyes, going away parties and endless repetitions of ”What day do you leave?”

With that being in mind, this weekend’s jam is an oldie but a goody: ”Send Me On My Way” by Rusted Root. It’s a fun song, and a pretty good theme song to download for your departing flight. Enjoy jamming to this throwback and have a great time celebrating whatever ‘that time’ of the year means for you!


YouTube Preview Image


photo cred: cheapflights.com