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Weekend Jam: Amanda & Rasmus

Surfing the Nations headquarters is swarming with a huge population of Swedes.

Lucky for us, Swedes seem to be pretty on top of it in the style, fashion, design, music, and other creative realms. We are constantly presented with the opportunity to glean from their ways: some things we’ve adopted (fika, Swedish chocolate balls, and of course, a love for IKEA) and some things we’ve  just left to the Vikings (watching Donald Duck to celebrate Christmas..?) All that to say, you don’t have to look much farther than Scandinavia land for something fresh and rad. This weekend’s jam Amanda and Rasmus comes straight from Gothenburg. The cool thing about these guys is the power of their teamwork: Amanda write poems and Rasmus puts music to those poems and presto!- a song is born! That’s a pretty amazing collaboration if we say so ourselves. We imagine it probably takes some pretty creative and flexible people to be able to combine their arts so wonderfully.

Check out this upbeat track Follow Me from their four song EP (also called Follow Me).  Download the entire EP with soundcloud here.


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Weekend Jam: Black Cab Sessions

When I found the ‘Black Cab Sessions’, three thoughts went through my mind:

1. I would love to be a passerby at a stop light witnessing what this looks like from the outside.

2. Is this what people did on road trips before radio? They must have.

3. This is amazing.

The Black Cab Sessions is basically some rad musical artists piling in the back of a black cab in the UK (and there’s also USA sessions) and taking a drive whilst playing and recording a song. Brilliant. There are literally hundreds of sessions to choose from.

Don’t you feel like you’re right there with them? I found it almost therapeutic following them as they weave through the streets and play.

Check out these takes:





Happy Weekend!


photo cred Black Cab Sessions





Weekend Jam : Active Child

For today’s Weekend Jam, we bring you the unique and awe-inspiring range of Pat Grossi’s Active Child.  There is no exaggeration when I say my mouth literally dropped when I heard this guy weaving perfection with his vocal chords. The song ”When Your Love is Safe” is one of his great tracks that brings a ballad with a beat. And do we even need to mention this dude’s playing a harp? Must see, must listen, must buy here. Continue Reading

STN Goes To California & Mexico

…And they’re off!

Last night we sent out five of our staff to California, thus beginning our 2012 California/Mexico Recruitment Tour. I had a chance to peek at their schedule and it looks pretty packed with visits to Azusa Pacific University, Point Loma, Hurley International and the Dane Williams Memorial Surf Festival – and that’s just in California. Continue Reading

Weekend jam : Lord Huron’s full album!

I think we’ve found our Autumn soundtrack.

L.A. based band  ’Lord Huron’ released their debut  full-length album  Lonesome Dreams this week and in no time we were sold on every track.

Here’s what NPR’s Stephen Thompson had to say: “Lonesome Dreams comes along at just the right time of year, meeting as it does between the beachy lightness of summer and the bittersweet plaintiveness of autumn. It straddles the seasons with disarming deftness — sunny enough to distract, sweet enough to comfort.” Continue Reading

We’re on Pinterest!

After watching countless friends get addicted to the super visual social media outlet, we figured it’s about time we get on board (no pun intended).

Let the fun begin!



photo: mashable.com


Weekend Jam from The Cinematic Orchestra

It’s been raining a lot these past few days, so to match the mellow mood for this week’s Weekend Jam we bring you a beautiful song from The Cinematic Orchestra. This is an older one but so beautiful. The instruments give it a gorgeous and haunting sound to accompany amazing vocals. This song is called ‘To Build a Home”. Most STN staff and volunteers are pretty far from their childhood homes but have come to find an Ohana and home here in Hawaii. What corner of the world have you ended up finding a home in?

Josh Garrels, Year of Jubilee

Josh Garrels does it again. If you have not already checked it out, Love & War: B-Sides & Remixes is available for free download.

This second free download album was sparked as a celebration of what was deemed a Year of Jubilee.

In ancient times, the Year of Jubilee would fall at the end of seven cycles (the 49th year), and on this year debts were forgiven, slaves were set free, property was restored to its original owner, and the land was given rest as it was a year for the people to rest from their labors as well. And in 2011, Garrels did just that. His recently released album “Love & War & The Sea In Between” was made available as a free download and all proceeds from album sales were donated to non-profits, musicians, missions and ministries. Continue Reading

Hurricane Season/Hurricane Session

As early as pre-school, I remember bodysurfing in the Wilmington area of North Carolina. A few of my beach vacation memories are filled with warm sun, but more often than not, the clouds were ominous, the thunder ripped through the air and the waves were, what my sister and I called at that age,’angry’. This was because our family vacations always coincided with the East Coast’s hurricane season. My Dad is something of a nature lover, a man who meets it with awe and curiosity and taught us to do the same. Those two combined meant we were always set to ride out the storm when even the locals were boarding up and heading out. One day, while in Charleston, South Carolina during Hurricane Charlie, our Dad looked out the window and declared we were’ going for a walk to look at the waves’. We hoofed it through the wind and the trees whipping back and forth and joined the party of two that were already at the beach- the news anchor and her cameraman (Needless to say, ‘storm chaser’ was on my list of possible career choices, having gotten pretty comfortable with them.) Continue Reading

The XX and The Avett Brothers Full Albums!

What do the Avett Brothers and The xx have in common?  Well, you can listen to both of these new albums in their entirety courtesy of our friends at NPR! Head over to NPR Music First Listen. Continue Reading