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As a boy on the way to school I found myself intrigued by the amount of trash being dumped in my neighborhood.  I began to realize that all the excess trash was due to excess wealth. There was treasure in the trash! I saw these “junk” piles as mountains of opportunity.  I have remained passionate about “junk” and am an avid collector with a heart to give back to our community.

My vision is to recycle or transfer overflowing wealth from one person to another in need. I am inviting you to be a part of raising one million dollars by donating your excess wealth to Surfing The Nations; it will then be sold cheap to help those in need. Profits raised through this will go toward the restoration of four commercial buildings in downtown Wahiawa; buildings #35, #43, #55, and #57 located on S. Kamehameha Highway. Would you consider donating out of your excess? Spare wealth can take on many forms such as new and used clothing, furniture, tools and building materials, antiques, cars in good condition, left-overs from garage sales, etc.