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We are Surfing The Nations, a non-profit, humanitarian organization based in Wahiawa, Hawaii, who live by the motto of “Surfers Giving Back.”

Our desire is to see lives changed inside and outside of our organization. We are a community made up of people who believe in using their talents and passions – from surfing and beyond – to give back and bring the message of love and hope.




We have several projects running throughout the year locally. We are one of the largest food distributors for the Hawaii FoodBank, with our Feeding The Hungry program that caters to Hawaii´s needy, disabled, homeless, and working poor.

Our after-school kids’ program offers tutoring, mentorship, and performing arts lessons to the at-risk youth in our neighborhood. STN runs a surf club on the Waianae coast in which at-risk youth from nearby shelters are taught surf and swim and are mentored one-on-one with leadership skills.

Individuals from all over the world come to participate in two challenging and life changing programs: Internship is a three-month program in which young people can experience a lifestyle of giving back and learn how to be others-focused. Our Surfers Leadership School (SLS) is designed to equip individuals to become selfless and effective leaders as they are integrated as full time staff members.




We believe surfers have a unique call on their lives: to GO! To get out of their comfort zones and use their thirst for adventure to bring them to the places of the world that are in need. We aim to transform surfing from a self-seeking sport to a common ground on which friendships all over the world can be built.

We work with international communities in various countries in Asia and the Middle East to bring immediate relief by providing humanitarian supplies such as food and clothing, but beyond that, Surfing the Nations sees surf clubs as a powerful way to enhance communities.

We aim to empower local surfers to establish and sustain surf clubs. The surf club is created to be a place where surfers are leaders and caretakers of their community; where anyone can experience a sustainable culture of “aloha” in their part of the world and continue to help one another thrive.