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Take a trip to the west side of Oahu and you’ll find yourself in the heart of Waianae. Many pass through this town and don’t give it a second thought but if you dive just a little deeper into this community, you’ll find a city rich with culture and proud of their Hawaiian heritage. Unfortunately, this community is also overwhelmed by poverty and hardship.

Surfing The Nations was invited to work with a group of children from one of the city’s many transitional housing shelters and we decided to start investing in those children by establishing the Waianae Surf Club. Many of these children and teens live only a few minutes from the beach but have never learned to swim!

Every Saturday, we take those children out to Pokai Bay and teach them how to swim and surf. Through the sport of surfing, we teach them to respect the land and the ocean, as well as each other. Through this, we are trying to create a sense of family and unity that these children may not get elsewhere. STN is dedicated to seeing these children grow and become upstanding men and women; we believe they can be leaders in their communities.


Click here to check out our pictures from Waianae Surf Club at Flickr.