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Our Feeding The Hungry program is making a difference in more ways than just one: By fulfilling physical needs in our communities and distributing food, clothing, and household items we aim to show everyone they are loved and valued. The people we serve quickly become our friends as we talk story and get to know them each week.We feel heartbroken when they’re sad, we rejoice in their victories, and encourage them as much as possible.

Each week in Hawai’i, thousands of families, seniors, immigrants, mentally challenged, veterans and more furloughed individuals are going hungry. Cutbacks and increased unemployment are just a few reasons for the continuously growing number of people coming to Feeding the Hungry for food assistance. Each week, a team of Surfing The Nations volunteers commit themselves to serving over 2,000 individuals in most impoverished areas on Oahu.

Established in 1998, Feeding the Hungry (FTH) began with delivering food boxes out of a family van to seven families living in Kalihi. Today, the FTH Kalihi distribution provides food for approximately 600 families each week. Many of our recipients come from nearby public housing, senior care homes, foreign countries, or are living on the streets of Honolulu. Regardless of where they come from, when STN provides this weekly amount of food, we help to eliminate the stress that comes with financial burdens that all our recipients share.




STN distributes around 30 – 40,000 pounds of food provided by the Hawaii Food Bank and Aloha Harvest.




Each of our distribution programs seems to naturally cater to different demographics of people. For instance: our Kalihi program- the oldest and largest distribution- sees mostly immigrants from Southeastern Asia and Polynesian islands. In Wahiawa, we are in service to many more that are native to the Hawaiian Islands and those who are battling addictions and lack of opportunity. On the west side we mostly work with the homeless community.




There are numerous ways that you can get involved with our Feeding the Hungry program:

FTH is always in need of volunteers to help set up and distribute the food that we get, If you want to help with distributing food to 600 – 700 people this is a great opportunity. Email us on the side column with your name, age, and why you want to help and we will get back to you as soon as possible. You can volunteer at both our Kalihi and Wahiawa distribution.

If you have canned food, clothes, household items that you want to donate to our distribution program, please email or call us.

Our Feeding the Hungry outreach invites you to partner with them to meet needs and change lives.
By financially supporting FTH You directly help provide over 700 families in need every week with food boxes. More than that they are given love and hope in the process. Donate HERE to be a part of changing lives.


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